Indoor / Outdoor Flags

Vertical Flags are an excellent tool for advertising! They are tall, colorful and move with the wind catching the eyes of onlookers.  We offer a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your style needs, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Vertical flags are easy to transport, offer 24/7 advertisement and may be seen from afar.   These are especially good forms of advertisement for car dealerships, sporting events, real estate, and many other occasions.  There are many sizes and shapes to chose from, click on an image below to learn more!

Flag Hardware

There are a variety of different mounting options for your flag.  In fact, the type of hardware you select will depend on the location of your flag.  You can choose a ground stake to pierce the soil for outdoor applications.  Alternately, you can choose a square base for flat surfaces, indoor or outdoor.  There is even an inflatable base if you want something lighter.  Contact us to discuss the best option for your flag application.

(flag hardware extra)

Flags Hardware Carrying Bag
Flags Mounting Water Bag
Flags Mounting Pole Set
Flags Square Base
Flags Ground Stake
Flags Cross Base

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